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Exterior image of the Office of the Westchester County Clerk


Westchester County Clerk Initiates Program To Alert Municipalities to Foreclosures

Idoni Seeks to Avoid Zombie Homes and Other Nuisances

County Clerk Tim Idoni has initiated a program to alert Westchester municipalities that a foreclosure proceeding has been commenced by a lending institution against a local property owner. Foreclosed properties are quite often abandoned or kept in disrepair during the process, harming the local neighborhood, or ignored by the bank or financial institution filing the foreclosure.


You May Obtain A Personal Identification Card From The County Clerk

Westchester County Residents Are Eligible

If you are a Westchester County resident and are in need of a personal identification card, you may apply in person at the Westchester County Clerk’s Licensing Office, 110 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, Room 340 in White Plains, New York. The office is open to the public from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Fridays excluding holidays.


Idoni Honored as New York's County Clerk of the Year

County Clerk Wins Two State Awards

Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni was honored by his peers with two prestigious awards on June 12, 2017 at the New York State Association of County Clerks (NYSACC) conference held in Lake Placid, New York. Idoni, currently serving in his twelfth year as the county’s recorder of land records and Clerk of the Supreme and County Courts, was hailed for his leadership in professional management processes, legislative advocacy and twenty-first century technological advancements. These are the ninth and tenth awards won since 2010, primarily for technological leadership and fiscal efficiency through systems that can be duplicated in counties all over the country.

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Tutorials Available on County Clerk's YouTube Channel

Westchester County Clerk's YouTube Channel Features Tutorials on Using Our WRO and PREP Systems

The Westchester County Clerk’s YouTube Channel features eight tutorial videos on using Westchester Records Online (WRO) to search for land and legal records and using the Property Records Electronic Portal (PREP) to record land records in Westchester County.

Tutorials for WRO and PREP include:

Searching Maps The Basics of Using PREP
Basics of Searching Land Records Entering a Deed in PREP
Basics of Searching Legal Records Entering a Mortgage in PREP
Viewing Images as a Registered User Entering a Satisfaction in PREP


Search Documents on Westchester Records Online

Search thousands of Westchester County Clerk records right from your home or office through our online portal, Westchester Records Online (WRO), by clicking the "Records Online" button on the left. You can find records ranging from 18th century deeds to judgments entered in our Legal Division last week to subdivision maps and atlases spanning the entire history of Westchester County. There is a fee to view images of documents (to offset the cost of scanning these documents), but quite a bit of data about a document is available free of charge. Click on "Records Online" and follow the instructions on the screen to get started. Sensitive documents such as matrimonial judgments or other sealed documents are not available online and require you to visit our office in White Plains and show proper identification. For more information, call 914-995-3080.

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More About County Clerk’s Office Events

In addition to services offered in our White Plains office and online, Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni and his community outreach staff also travel throughout the County to bring the services of the Clerk's office closer to Westchester residents. Examples of the types of events and services offered include:

Mobile Outreach Service: Community Outreach staff can assist visitors who wish to apply for a United States Passport, including having a photo taken. Call (914)995-3082 for more information.

Naturalization Ceremonies: Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni administers the Oath of Citizenship to new citizens at Naturalization ceremonies which take place at the Richard J. Daronco Courthouse in White Plains. For more information, call (914)995-3087.

Senior Center Visits: Westchester County Clerk Timothy C. Idoni visits with senior groups throughout the county to warn them about the latest mortgage, deed, debt and health insurance scams targeting seniors. For more information, call (914)995-3082.

New York State Courts E-Filing (NYSCEF) System Training Classes:  Visit NYSCEF Training Registration to pre-register for an upcoming training class.

In Addition--County Clerk Office Tours: The Westchester County Clerk offers tours of our office to groups, organizations, schools and scout troops.  For more information, call (914)995-3082.

For more information on services we offer in our office and in the community, contact Yao Lawrence Cunningham at (914)995-3082 or email

County Clerks 1684 - present

The Westchester County Clerk is the oldest elected office in Westchester County

1684  John Ryder, Cortlandt
1684-1688       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1688-1691       Edward Collier, Sing Sing
1691-1698       Joseph Lee, Yorktown
1698-1707       Benjamin Collier, Sing Sing
1707-1711       John Clapp, White Plains
1711-1722       Daniel Clark, Peekskill
1722-1746       William Forster, Westchester
1746-1760       Benjamin Nicoll, Scarsdale
1760-1777       John Bartow, Pelham
1777-1802       Richard Hatfield, White Plains
1802-1808       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1808-1810       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1810-1811       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1811-1813       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1813-1815       Thomas Ferris, Westchester
1815-1820       Elijah Crawford, White Plains
1820-1821       William Requa, Yonkers 
1821-1828       Nehemiah S. Bates, Bedford
1828-1834       Nathaniel Bayles, Tarrytown
1834-1839     John H. Smith, Bedford 
1839-1840       Chauncey Smith, Bedford
1840-1843       Charles Purdy, White Plains
1843-1849      Munson I. Lockwood, Pound Ridge 
1849-1856       Robert R. Oakley, White Plains
1856-1859      John P. Jenkins, White Plains
1859-1867      Hiram P. Rowel, White Plains   
1867 William W. Pierson, Sing Sing 
1868-1877 J. Malcolm Smith, Sing Sing
1877-1883      John M. Rowel, White Plains
1883-1886      James F.D. Crane, Yonkers
1886-1896       John M. Digney, Yonkers
1896-1902      Leverett F. Crumb, Peekskill
1902-1908       Leslie Sutherland, Yonkers
1908-1914       Frank Buck, Mount Vernon
1914-1920      Daniel Cashin, Yonkers
1920-1925       Louis Ellrodt, Mount Vernon
1925-1932       Charles J.F. Decker, Croton Falls
1932-1938       Bernard Koch, Yonkers
1938-1943 Harold Mercer, White Plains
1943-1952       Robert J. Field, Peekskill     
1952-1968       Edward L. Warren, Mount Vernon
1968-1973       Edward N. Vetrano, Tarrytown
1974-1983       George R. Morrow, Jr., Mount Pleasant
1983-1993       Andrew J. Spano, Yorktown
1994-2005       Leonard N. Spano, Yonkers
2006-present   Timothy C. Idoni, New Rochelle

Tim Idoni has an impressive record of over thirty-six years of public service throughout Westchester County.  Currently, Tim serves as the Westchester County Clerk, a position in which he not only manages and safeguards all of the County land records, but also serves as the Clerk of the Supreme and Westchester County Courts.  Tim's other responsibilities as Westchester County Clerk include overseeing the facilitation of passport applications, and the naturalization of new citizens.  In the County Clerk's Office, Tim is known for his hands-on management style, his willingness to work with his partners in government to improve constituent service, and his understanding of the benefits of innovative technological solutions.

Prior to being sworn in as the Westchester County Clerk in January 2006, Tim Idoni served as the fourteen year Mayor of the city of New Rochelle, a position he was elected to four times.  When Tim took office in 1992, New Rochelle was on the brink of financial disaster and its downtown was a sea of vacant storefronts.  Tim's dedication and energetic leadership resulted in the city making tremendous strides across the board, but most notably in the areas of finance and economic development.  During Tim's tenure and because of his enthusiasm for what his city could become, over $2 billion in economic development projects were completed or planned and over 2,000 jobs were created.  Tim built the foundation on which the revitalization of downtown New Rochelle is still taking place.

While Tim is most well-known as the current Westchester County Clerk and former Mayor of the city of New Rochelle, his public service spans another decade.  Tim Idoni entered public service in 1980, serving as an assistant to the Village Administrator of Bronxville, as Director of Emergency Services and then Deputy City Manager of New Rochelle, and then as Village Manager of Ardsley.  While working in Ardsley in the late 1980s, Tim was awarded the International City Management Association's highest award, one of only ten internationally, for his work in modernizing that village's operations and programs.  In 1990, Tim returned to his hometown to take over the operation of the New Rochelle Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation as its Executive Vice-President.  The agency, a local not-for-profit, specializes in affordable housing construction and rehabilitation.  Tim was brought in to put an agency which had fallen on hard times back on its feet. And, in twenty short months, the organization was not only solvent, but was moving forward with substantial and necessary projects such as the MacLeay Apartments renovation and conversion, the construction of the Lincoln Townhouses and the rehabilitation of 400 North Avenue (over 230 housing units).

Tim is well-respected in the municipal planning and development community for not only his wealth of knowledge, but also for the results achieved due to his tenacious advocacy for his community.  But Tim's achievements in the area of planning and development only tell part of the story of his professional achievements.  After Tim left the New Rochelle Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation, he remained a leader in the field of affordable housing, often being invited to speak on the topic to municipal and professional colleagues.  And Tim has been a consistent advocate for open space and our environment.  During Tim's tenure as Mayor of New Rochelle, the city renovated all thirty-seven city parks and the City Council passed over thirty pieces of environmental legislation aimed at improving the quality of life of New Rochelle residents.  Tim counts not only the revitalization of downtown New Rochelle, but also the creation of affordable housing and a commitment to environmental initiatives among his most satisfying professional achievements.

Tim has won three national awards and five New York State awards for championing excellence in modern technological methodology in the County Clerk's office.  His leadership led to New York State laws which have allowed legal and land records industries to submit cases and land records respectively in electronic format, saving massive amounts of time and dollars and safeguarding documents previously in paper form.  The Clerk's office has saved over $15 million with these advancements.

Tim fits this all in while also chairing the New York State Association of County Clerk's Legislative Committee, the New York State Office of Court Administration's statewide Steering Committee for Supreme Court E-Filing, charged with moving all counties' technology forward, as a member of the national Property Records Industries Association Committee on Predictable Fees and as a member of the Westchester County Association's blue ribbon panel on the future of housing in our county. 

Community activists in New Rochelle and beyond know that they can count on Tim to be an active and vocal supporter of community-minded projects and organizations.  Tim currently has served on a number of boards including the Sound Shore Medical Center, the Foundation for Educational Excellence, Volunteer New York, the New Rochelle Public Library Foundation and the Hudson Park Children's Greenhouse Committee.  He has been honored by numerous local and countywide organizations for his leadership and philanthropic endeavors.

A life-long resident of the city of New Rochelle and a product of its public school system, Tim earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Iona College in 1977 and his Master's Degree in Public Administration from New York University in 1981.  Tim is proud of his four daughters and five grandchildren.

As the oldest elected office in our county, the Westchester County Clerk has served the residents of Westchester for over three hundred years by maintaining and preserving the official documents and records of our rich history.

From safeguarding court records, to recording deeds and mortgages, to naturalizing our newest citizens, our responsibilities are varied and significant.

We invite you to browse through our website where you can read the latest news, search indexes for legal filings or land records, download passport application forms and so much more. 

We hope that WestchesterClerk.com will serve as your gateway to all we do here in the Westchester County Clerk’s Office.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have about our website.  We look forward to continuing to serve you.

Idoni Signature
 Timothy C. Idoni
Westchester County Clerk


Visiting Our Office?

Enter through the courthouse and proceed to the third floor.

Richard J. Daronco Courthouse
111 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd
White Plains, NY 10601

Hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm
Passport Hours: 8am - 4:30pm
Closed on official holidays.

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